Yearbook Information

Your yearbook photographs will be delivered to your school with your classmates photos all together at the yearbook deadline date. Yearbook deadlines will generally be given priority over senior portrait package deliveries to ensure that every student photographed is submitted to their yearbook.

Parents will be called if the Studio has any questions about your yearbook portrait selection.

Please understand it is very difficult to return a years worth of senior portrait client’s phone calls in one or two weeks and still manage to submit all yearbook portrait selections at the same time. We understand your concern of having your photograph miss the yearbook deadline.

We have found over the years that parents worry that if perhaps a yearbook photo is lost or misplaced that it would then be too late to resubmit the portrait. Once the Studios deliver the yearbook portraits to the school it generally takes one or two months of production time for the yearbook staff to organize the section and find any missing students, giving them time to contact parents.

There is communication between the studio and the yearbook staff at each school before and after the yearbook deadlines to ensure that all students photographed at our studio are accounted for. We take great care to provide full attention and cooperation to the yearbook staff of each school, resubmitting any misplaced images and sometimes putting our own production on hold to photograph, retouch and submit portraits for any late or last minute students that come to our studio.

We assure you that with our 30 years of experience we have never missed any of our client’s placements in their yearbooks. It is our main priority to deliver all yearbook photographs to the school on time.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding,

Parker Stone II