Makeup and Helpful Hints

This is a most critical aspect of portrait photography.

For a nominal fee, our makeup artist will put her skills to work for you. MAKE UP APPOINTMENTS MUST BE SCHEDULED WHEN YOU BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT AND REQUIRE 45 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR PORTRAIT SESSION. We highly recommend her services.

The makeup artist plays a vital role in any important photography shoot and your senior portrait session is no different. Even if you don't usually wear any makeup it really is a must for your senior portrait.

Makeup hides imperfections and blends skin tones, improving your appearance. This significantly reduces the amount of retouching that needs to be done on your portraits.

The studio's makeup artist has perfected makeup techniques that work best with our lighting techniques. Together we work for a natural look, bringing out the eyes and keeping the lips subtle, helping you look your absolute best.

If you decide to do your own makeup, be sure to wear a matte foundation to prevent shine and to keep your lips subtle.


Since hairstyle is such a personal peference, your hair is your responsibility. If you're having your hair cut, we suggest you do so at least two or three weeks before your portrait session. Testing out a new hairstyle is not recommended! Be sure to bring a comb or brush to your session.

Shaving and/or other facial hair removal should be done enough in advance for any irritation to subside.


Glasses reflect glare from our lights and can distort your face. We recommend you either remove the lenses from your frames or borrow frames without lenses from your optical store.


Be careful when tanning your face; color can always be added in the printing process if you feel you're too pale. Please be sure tan lines do not show. We will not photograph anyone who is sunburned or peeling.


Hands will appear in some of the portraits so apply at least two coats of polish. Go easy on the fluorescent colors, though; they really stand out.